Julian Appleby

Age: 59

Based in: New Zealand

Languages: English

Experience: Very experienced professional

Maximum handicap level: 28-40

Official qualifications, UK PP. USA P5, AAP A.

15 years experience with the HPA, 4 years with the USPA, 1 year with AAP. No arena experience.
Highest tournament, Finals of the Hurlingham Open, and Argentine Open 2015. Finals USPA Open 2015 and 2016. 9 Queens Cup finals. 8 Gold Cup finals. 4 Coronation Cups, and 1 Westchester Cup. Sotogrande Gold, Silver and Bronze Cup finals.

Moving around the world from the beginning of the calendar, 3 months in Wellington, Florida. 10 weeks in the Uk, back to the USA for 10 weeks finishing up in Argentina until mid December.