Caroline Anier, former 4 goal, professional player and umpirecaroline-anier

How long have you been playing and since when are you umpiring ?
I have been playing since I was 15, 37 years ago. I am umpiring since I started playing as a club duty and professionally umpiring since
the professional umpiring started.

What makes umpiring interesting ?
For me it’s a way to better know the game, know all the rules and see it from an umpire point of view when I play. It gets me also more humble when I play as I know how difficult it is to umpire.

What do you find the most difficult about umpiring ?
Keeping the control at all time even when some players are making it very challenging by being on the edge of being dangerous .

Do you have specific criticism on the rules ?
I want a fast and not dangerous game. So any rules that don’t enforce that, I don’t like. Tapping the ball under your opponent numerous times to change the line and gain ground at a walk or a small canter, is not right for me. In the US, there is a “one tap rule” which takes care of that and opens the game very much. Also the rules of no turning on the ball either side is reinforced in the US and it makes the game much faster and more intersting for the sponsors to play and for spectators also.

Anything you would like to see changed ?
1) Reinforce the penalty number 1 that is rarely called.
2) See more umpire meetings so more people are involved and know the rules or how to interpretate them.

What are your best tactical tips ?
Really study what the opponents are riding and in what chukker.

What are the things that players should practice on to improve themselves ?
Their swing and their riding. We never ride well enough!